The industry is called Technical Support, not Technical Setup for a reason. Ongoing monitoring and proactive maintenance is essential to ensure that your business enjoys the reliability of technology that it deserves. Don’t sweat the small stuff… or the big stuff! From procuring basic hardware to managing Cloud based workspaces, Oztechs can remove the stress of these tasks and let you focus on growing your business.

24/7 monitoring with proactive action

Servers: Kept under constant supervision. Avoid issues like full drives or faulting applications before they eat into your income.

Workstations: When they are working efficiently, your employees will do the same. Pre-empt those easily avoided problems that can leave employees sitting on the sidelines.

Network traffic control and intrusion prevention: Know where your bandwith is going and surf safe knowing you decide who comes in or out

Virtualization: The future is here and that future is based in the Cloud. Join the 21st century and say good bye to expensive hot IT closets full of hardware waiting to fail. Enjoy the reliability of having your information anywhere anytime.

Project and Infrastructure planning: You are the pros at what you do and we are the pros at what we do. You know what you need to get your job done and its our job to tell you the best way to accomplish those needs. We offer full project management services from assessment and planning all the way through implementation and ongoing review. Let us bridge the gap between the your world and the world of technology out there waiting for you to take advantage of it.